A state ban won’t stop the EDL in Bradford – only you can

Despite the Home Secretary’s ban on the EDL marching in Bradford, the EDL have announced that they still intend to turn up there in large numbers.

Over the last year in towns such as Manchester, Bolton and Leeds, the EDL had no permission to march, although they were not ‘banned’ as such. Nevertheless the police allowed them to march through those towns provoking and frightening not only Black and Asian people but anyone who detests racism.

If the streets of Bradford near where the EDL meet, are not populated with their opponents – us – in our thousands then the EDL will try to do a deal with the police to allow them to march again.

We have to be there along with the local anti-racists of the Bradford United against Racism campaign opposing them. Coaches of anti-racists are coming from all over the country.

At our last Notts meeting we decided that opposing the EDL in Bradford is the most important anti-racist event in a long time. Our coach from Nottingham will still be going. We will probably not know the details of the protest until last thing but our aims are clear.

  • We are there to defend Muslims, ethnic minorities and anti-racists from provocation and attack.
  • We aim for our protest to be peaceful and to avoid conflicts with the police. But we will do that by having sufficient numbers and by being well-stewarded. We expect to outnumber the EDL many times over.
  • We aim to inhibit the EDL’s movements and defend ourselves from any attacks or arrests.

The coach leaves at 9am from the Salutation on Saturday, 28th August. Come with us!

Book tickets £8/£4 by emailing NottmStopBNP@yahoo.co.uk or ringing 07758 424064

More on the Bradford counter-EDL mobilisation at http://srfnetwork.org/category/bradford/


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