Motions to go to our conference tomorrow (March 27th)

Our conference on March 27th in Nottingham, details from this link and to which we expect a number of delegations from campaigns across the country, will be considering 3 major items

  1. Organising against the EDL
  2. Organising against the BNP; and
  3. Developing an effective network of anti-racists and anti-fascist against both.

We believe that crucial to an effective anti-fascist campaign is democratic debate, assessing the very real failures that we feel the major national networks, UAF and Hope not Hate have not addressed.

Tomorrow’s motions can be downloaded from this link. We welcome alternative views and amendments Amendmnets can be submitted up until the beginning of the final plenary session at which all motions and amendments will be voted on. We look forward to an important day in taking the anti-racist and anti-fascist movement forward.


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