Stop the BNP in Hucknall Central

Edward Holmes wants your vote and he’s prepared to say and do almost anything to get it. Holmes, a former councillor and council leader for the Labour Party, has his sights set on a seat in parliament. He’s the prospective BNP candidate for the Ashfield constituency in the coming general election. He doesn’t care about Hucknall Central – he has ‘bigger’ fish to fry.

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But Holmes isn’t just telling lies about his plans for Hucknall, he’s telling lies about his new political friends, the British National Party. These lies are catching up with him. Holmes and the BNP say they’re not racist. Holmes himself was filmed by the BBC saying he’d be happy for black people to die for his safety but they couldn’t join the BNP – a party he wants to govern this country. Holmes is not only racist but he opposes basic democracy.
Holmes and the BNP claim to stand up for ‘ordinary people’. Another lie.
During the miners’ strike those who now control the BNP heaped abuse upon striking miners and their families, supported the scabs and applauded Thatcher’s efforts to crush mining communities. These people care nothing for Hucknall, care nothing for the working class, they care nothing for people like you!


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