Organising against EDL racism and BNP fascism – 27th March Nottingham

A conference to discuss building a working-class anti-racist and anti-fascist network

27th March 2010, 11am – 3pm
Queens Walk Community Centre,
Queens Walk, The Meadows, Nottingham

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Sounding the alarm
The growth of the British National Party and the emergence of the ‘English Defence League’ have sounded the alarm for all those who oppose racism and fascism. What to do about the fascists and racists of these two organisations is a major topic of debate in the national press, in our trade unions and in the wider community. It is clear that the existing anti-fascist campaigns – Unite Against Fascism and Searchlight – are not up to the job of stopping them.

We believe that working-class, community based campaigns are the best way to organise. This means building groups that can respond to local BNP organisation: where the BNP organise for hate, we must organise for solidarity. The growth in support for racist and fascist organisations and the experience of recent mobilisations – Codnor, Liverpool, Harrow, Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham – demonstrate the need for a different sort of anti-fascist, anti-racist movement.
Simply pointing out that the BNP and EDL are racist and fascist is not enough. To a great extent, people are attracted to these organisations because they offer an ‘alternative’ to the failed policies of successive governments. We need to articulate our own ideas and the ideas of our wider movements – we need to talk
about and organise for working-class politics.
The BNP and EDL feed off wide-spread and largely unchallenged racism in society. This racism has not magically emerged in the heat of an economic crisis; but the crisis has brought it out of the woodwork. We need to challenge and educate against this racism whether it be against the immigrant or other minority groups.
Solidarity can beat back the BNP and EDL. Working in solidarity means organising open and democratic campaigns. It means sharing our ideas and experience and supporting each other when action needs to be taken. If you want to discuss these ideas further and if you want to help organise along these lines, come to
this conference.


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